Clubhouse Australia Coalition (CA) is a non-profit organisation of Clubhouses across the Commonwealth of Australia committed to improving the quality of life and community integration of people experiencing mental health recovery.

The model features work and membership as the primary methods for providing participants with increased opportunities in employment, housing, education, skill development and social activities.

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The Rights of Clubhouse Membership


A Guaranteed right to a place to belong

At Clubhouse we foster the importance of equal contribution to the community. We matter and we all belong.


A Guaranteed right to a place to come

Clubhouses are safe open spaces where each member is free to apply themselves.


A Guaranteed right to meaningful work

Our philosophy at Clubhouse is the work ordered day which champions meaningful work for our members.


A Guaranteed right to meaningful relationships ​

The most important component of Clubhouse is the quality of relationships gained and built over time.

Changing the nation of mental health

Dedicated to assisting adults with major mental illness to live full, productive, stable lives in the community, the CA is a non-profit organisation whose membership includes more than approx 7000 members nationally who have a major mental illness, and belong to at least one of the 15 community-based vocational and social rehabilitation centres, called “Clubhouses”.

Get Involved and make a difference

Donate and make a differnce to Mental Illness.